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Mercedes CLK GTR track day

Mercedes CLK GTR Track Day Image Credit: Speedracer38

1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Super Sport being driven properly on the race track, does it get any better?! There are only 25 CLK GTR coupes in the world, only 2 are Super Sports, this is one of them, and this is literally car number 01 of 25. One of my best friends always wanted this car and about 2 years ago all the stars aligned and he was able to purchase the car and add it to his collection. Quite a few of you might know the owner through Instagram (@bc).

Mercedes CLK GTR Track Day Video Credit: Speedracer38

I'm very thankful he invited me to come to the track when he had both his CLK GTR and SLR McLaren at the track to drive. It was an incredible afternoon including a chance to go out for a ride in the CLK GTR! No video from the ride though, I decided to savor the experience. Hopefully I'll be able to share video from the track from inside the car in the future for everyone to enjoy.

I hope this gives you all an up close look at the car and the insane sound it makes from the 7.3 liter V12!


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